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HC Licence Training Sydney by insured Driving School

Looking to get the HC Licence Training in Sydney? Welcome to the “Guru Truck Driving School”! Get a rewarding career, especially if you love driving! We offer you the best excellent courses at competitive prices. Making it less intimidating! Boosting your confidence! Guaranteed training!


You must get the following before joining the HC classes:

  1.      You must possess the car licence for over 12 months
  2.      Must be able to drive any motor vehicle of 8-tonne GVM
  3.      Already trained to handle the towed trailer of 9 tonnes GVM
  4.      Undertook the class C licence for the 12 months!
  5.      Have achieved the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA)! You must have gone through the test of Roads and Maritime Service Rigid knowledge! 

What to Learn?

HC Licence Training in Sydney teaches you overall basic road and vehicle skills. Making you ready for the unforeseen road situations! Increasing alertness, confidence, and patience through constant practice, practice and practice. Learn all basic mathematics, and get a complete sense of your new truck.

Highly professional and punctual instructors save you from road aggression, impatience, bad decision and dangerous accidents. Inducing foresight through deep info and in-depth lessons!

Tasks & Competencies:

You’re going to learn the following:

  1. Starting off the vehicle
  2. Gradually stopping off procedure
  3. The gear control
  4. Accelerator management
  5. Reverse or park
  6. Safe mode of riding
  7. Loading on the truck
  8. Make you aware of the minor details through HC Licence Training in Sydney
  9. Keeping a safe distance
  10. Limiting the truck to a safe speed
  11. Properly navigating the toll booths
  12. Merging into the crowded traffic
  13. Increasing your concentration level
  14. Road rules and directions
  15. Coupling and uncoupling
  16. Maintaining concentration
  17. Merging into the traffic
  18. Learning safe driving tips and tricks
  19. Steering in the straight line
  20. Using the horn at the right moment
  21. Refraining from rashly operating the vehicle

Specialized Courses:

Making you skilled, trained and fully equipped via HC Licence Training in Sydney! Letting you know basic of vehicles, roads, routes, rules and regulations.  Teaching you steering, gradually stopping, slowing, or speeding the vehicle! Making you aware of the road conditions, dangers, signals, and transparentpharmacy.net signs! You learn to move towards left or right, park or reverse. We give you a practical demonstration of what speed to maintain on the highway, three-point driveway, and the motorway! 

Join Us, Now!

Thinking to get a comprehensive course? Come to our school! We offer you quality. Our professional trainers are always available to offer in-depth lessons and practical demonstration. Allowing inquisitiveness! Boosting your motivation, increasing your courage, alertness, focus and attention! Our lessons are designed in a way that enhances your skills. Giving you a deep understanding of the vehicles, road circumstances and more! The instructors are always there for you to enhance your knowledge, skills, and experience! We offer authentic HC Licence Training in Sydney at a fraction of the cost. You learn to drive and scan flawlessly in conditions of poor visibility through Guru Truck Driving School.

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