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HR Licence Training Sydney by Best Driving School

Are you keen to get a HR Licence Training in Sydney? Welcome to the “Guru Truck Driving School!”


You must follow the following 5 conditions to get the Heavy Rigid course:

  1. Already passed the LR or MR? Now learn amazing tips and tricks through Heavy Rigid driving course! Know all road skills while managing the Heavy Rigid Truck!
  2. Have you ever handled a towed trailer weighing over 9 tonnes GVM? If so, you need to take our course!
  3. If you’re already holding your car certificate, then it’s time for you to get the truck driving authorization!
  4. Are you already skilled in handling the motor vehicle of over 3 axles and over 8 tonnes GVM? If so, you’re the right candidate for getting our course!
  5. Are you a master of Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA)? If so, you’re approved for getting the HR Licence Training in Sydney!

If you’ve already operated the articulated buses, you can learn to handle the Heavy Rigid truck!


  1. Ten hours of training from experts
  2. Punctual instructors
  3. The fully equipped training centre
  4. Large area to navigate through
  5. Competitive environment
  6. Pocket-friendly prices
  7. Guaranteed service
  8. Fully insured and police checked
  9. A large area in the tuition for the perpetual practice

Tasks & Competencies to Learn:

Learn the following tasks through expert service during HR Licence Training in Sydney.

  1. Maintaining the speed
  2. Reversing and parking
  3. Letting you undergo the competency test
  4. Taking a defensive approach
  5. Keeping your hands on the wheel
  6. Controlling the speed
  7. Avoiding impatience
  8. Maintaining your focal point
  9. Getting a good grip on your steering
  10. Refraining from over-speeding
  11. Making the vehicle fine-tuning
  12. Balancing during the antilock brakes
  13. Focusing on the minor details
  14. Steering in the snow
  15. Enhancing concentration
  16. Maintaining a safe distance
  17. Parking with 100 % accuracy
  18. Avoiding all types of distractions
  19. Learning how to slow and speed up through HR Licence Training in Sydney
  20. Keeping yourself correctly on the wheel
  21. Adjusting the mirrors flawlessly
  22. Operating the bus or trailer in all weather conditions
  23. Mapping out the correct roadway
  24. Remembering the road conditions
  25. Maintaining your patience and aggression
  26. Recognizing hazards and then avoiding the collisions
  27. Staying calm
  28. Maintaining avoidable mishaps

Book Our School:

Want to enrol in a top-ranked school? Join the Guru Truck Driving School. Our aim is to give you knowledge, alertness, judgment, and foresight! Risk-free handling of the giant vehicle! Real-time online booking! Learn all vital skills, practical exams, and theory assessments! Amiable instructors and affordable prices! The constant flow of practical lessons gives you a strong grip! Ensuring no distraction! Up-to-date with the present day technology! Certified teachers, reliable HR Licence Training in Sydney, giving you a sense of security! Our motto is to make you a safe and skilled expert.

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