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The Cost Effective and Quality MC Licence Training

Looking for MC Licence training? Welcome to the “Guru Truck Driving School”!

Are you obsessive about trucks? Undertake in-depth lessons on how to be a safe truck driver! Get a rewarding experience at fair prices.


You must fulfill the following 3 conditions to be eligible for the MC:

  1. Did you ever steer the rigid vehicle or any prime mover connected to semi-trailer? If you did, you need to undergo Multi-combination truck course!
  2. Have you already completed the HR or MR? If so, you should join the course to enhance your skills.
  3. Have you undertook the test of Roads and Maritime Service Rigid knowledge, and achieved the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA)? If you did, you’re invited to get into this class.

All-inclusive Lessons:

Learn on-the-mark driving, accurate seating position, and perfect steering through our authentic MC Licence Training! Patient trainers and perpetual lessons help you learn faster. You’re free to navigate through an extensive area! Constant practical exercises! The practical demonstration, in-depth classes and theory assessment! Ensure to make you fully certified through hours and hours of perpetual practice. Experience the thorough lessons, practical demonstration in a 12 hours course. Competent and fully equipped environment! Large area to practice and practice! Comfortable atmosphere and cost-effective course! Professional staff and patient instructors who allow inquisitiveness! Fully certified school!


  1. Reliable instructors
  2. Amiable staff
  3. Comprehensive lessons
  4. Competitive prices
  5. Policed checked and insured
  6. Expert trainers
  7. Guaranteed MC Licence training
  8. Versatile lessons
  9. Flexible timings
  10. A wide range of area to navigate through
  11. On-time service
  12. Punctual staff
  13. Fully equipped

Skills & Tasks:

  1. You learn a ton of things such as follows:
  2. Learning the pre-driving checks
  3. Starting, shutting down, and moving off
  4. Managing the Gears
  5. Controlling the Steering
  6. Handling the Brakes
  7. Operating the accelerator
  8. Gradual stop and start
  9. Attempting to keep the vehicle in the straight line
  10. Controlling the engine
  11. Steering correctly
  12. Managing the accelerator
  13. Starting and stopping the bus
  14. Undergoing the competency test
  15. Summative analysis
  16. Maintaining speed
  17. Gradually coming to a stop
  18. Anticipating road situations
  19. Avoiding road accidents
  20. Maintaining distance from other vehicles
  21. Giving attention to minor details of road through MC Licence training
  22. Reversing precisely
  23. Parking without hitting others
  24. Moving left or right in the correct way

Join us, NOW!

Are you passionate about getting into our school? Come into Guru Truck driving school! We offer specialized courses, quality and affordability! Making you differentiate between the lower and higher speed areas of the road. Teaching you how to maintain the correct speed! Teaching you how to load securely! Making you aware of road crashes! Teaching you road rules, signs, signals, directions and MORE! Teaching you how to maintain your courage, motivation, patience, attention, speed, and distance through MC Licence Training!

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