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Medium Rigid Licence Training by Top Driving School

Seeking the Medium Rigid Licence Training in Australia? We offer you the authentic certificate for MR course. Thorough lessons! Theory test and practical demonstration! Exploring minor details! 


You must full fill the following:

  1.      Have you already completed the car driving assessment?
  2.      Are you already familiar with handling the motor vehicle of over 8 tonnes?
  3.      Do you have the ability to control the towed trailer of over 9 tonnes GVM?
  4.      Do you already possess the car pass?
  5.      Have you already gotten the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) and undertook the Maritime Service Rigid Knowledge test?

If so, you’re approved to attend this course. Now it’s time for getting the Medium Rigid Licence Training!

What Are You Going to Learn?

Learn all road skills! Get a deep understanding of gear, brakes, crash! Undergo constant practice. Knowledgeable staff, punctual, patient instructors ready to equip you with the lifelong skills! We teach you lifelong skills!

  1. Making you familiar with the new vehicle
  2. Letting you know of the vehicle parts
  3. Teaching you precautionary steps
  4. Making you a safe and skilled driver
  5. Operating the truck
  6. Controlling the speed
  7. Road signs, signals, rules and directions
  8. Steering flawlessly after being getting Medium Rigid Licence Training
  9. Keeping distance with other vehicles on the road
  10. Final competency analysis
  11. Summative evaluation
  12. Coupling and uncoupling
  13. Wearing seat belts
  14. Making you avoid road errors
  15. Covering the blind spots on the way
  16. Refraining from making a rash decision
  17. Reflection form over speeding
  18. Directing the vehicle in the right way
  19. Keeping your hands correctly on the wheel
  20. Changing the gear accurately
  21. Scanning through the road to analyse road situations
  22. Identifying exists, signs, signals and directions
  23. Keeping a proper space around the buses, cars, and motorcyclists
  24. Navigating the toll boots properly
  25. Riding in a defensive way
  26. Limiting to a safe speed

Comprehensive Lessons:

Our in-depth lessons of Medium Rigid Licence Training make you fully trained for riding the truck all by you. No dependency. Comprehensive exercises, specially designed for making you a fully expert, skilful and certified driver. Help you maintain your control over the vehicle. Dealing with heavy traffic, parking, decision making, brakes and gears! Decreasing your impatience and aggression! Avoiding distractions and inattention! Teaching you practical skills! Becoming courteous with others!

Join Us:

Come on, book a lesson now and get a good grip on your vehicle. Join us to take Medium Rigid Licence Training and become the master of roads! Drive by yourself after becoming familiar you’re your vehicle. A practical demonstration, in-depth lessons, and equipped environment! No delay! Patient, approachable and easygoing instructors making it enjoyable and comfortable to learn in a fully equipped environment! Drive, park and reverse with 100% precision. No chances of any collisions. No more improper speeding. No more failures after being trained by the professional experts here at Guru Truck Driving school!

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