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The Truck Driving School offers daily truck driving lessons in various Sydney areas. If your suburb is not included in the listed areas, we are flexible and may arrange lessons in your specific suburb for your convenience.

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Testimonials from Truck Driver Students

محسن موسوی
محسن موسوی
experienced assessor and i enjoyed my training for Mc class license from HR. Thanks
Shajan dasan
Shajan dasan
Enjoy the experience of upgrading licence to HR class in one day .thumbs up to the boys .thanks again
Soul Stealer
Soul Stealer
Loved these guys, very friendly and funny. I really enjoyed my time while learning and practising my truck driving ?
rampal singh
rampal singh
Good trainer and very professional
Sandeep Bhullar
Sandeep Bhullar
Well experienced ,great customer service, professional and overall very good ?
Vivekanandan Dharmalingam
Vivekanandan Dharmalingam
I passed my HR training from guru driving school. Trainer is informative and I feel confident and supportive at all times when I did my training with them. Thanks
Gurjeet Singh
Gurjeet Singh
Today i pass my HR licence try. Just wanted to say thank you for your support and instruction, I would not hesitate in recommending Guru truck driving school in Prestons to anyone. Thanks again.
Katya H
Katya H
Hi, i am hammad. When i found Guru truck driving school i met the great teacher Varender Singh, loved his extra ordinary teaching style to approach HR skills easily. Guys, i ll recommed you to get him. I am sure you will find him as i have mentioned him.

Tips on How to Pick a Good Truck Driving School in Sydney

When choosing a truck driving school in Sydney, consider the following guidelines to ensure you select a quality institution:

Accreditation and Licensing:

Ensure the school is accredited and licensed by the relevant authorities. This guarantees that the training meets industry standards and regulations.

Instructor Qualifications:

Check the qualifications and experience of the instructors. Experienced and certified instructors can provide effective training and valuable insights.

Curriculum and Training Programs:

Review the curriculum and training programs offered by the school. A comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum is essential for learning the necessary skills and knowledge.

Facilities and Equipment:

Visit the school to assess the quality of facilities and training equipment. Well-maintained trucks and modern facilities contribute to a better learning experience.

Student-to-Instructor Ratio:

Inquire about the student-to-instructor ratio in the practical training sessions. A lower ratio allows for more personalized attention and effective learning.

Pass Rates and Success Stories:

Research the school’s pass rates on licensing exams and listen to success stories from previous students. Positive outcomes indicate the school’s commitment to quality training.

Reputation and Reviews:

Read reviews and testimonials from former students. A good reputation and positive feedback are indicative of a reliable and effective truck driving school.

Job Placement Assistance:

Check if the school offers job placement assistance after completing the training. Assistance with job placement can be valuable for kickstarting your truck driving career.

Costs and Payment Plans:

Understand the total cost of the training, including any hidden fees. Additionally, inquire about available payment plans to make the education more financially manageable.

Location and Schedule:

Read reviews and testimonials from former students. A good reputation and positive feedback are indicative of a reliable and effective truck driving school.

License Class Offerings:

Ensure the school offers training for the specific class of truck license you intend to obtain. Different classes may require varying levels of training and experience.

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