A Brief Guide To The 3 Different Types Of Truck Licence In Australia

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Truck drivers are an essential clog in the whole supply chain system. People always look for a good truck driving school in Parramatta to get their driver’s license. However, not all truck driver licenses are the same; you need to have the right one to drive a truck in your chosen field. In Australia, there are five different types of truck driver’s licenses based on the type of truck they will be driving. They are:

  • LR or Light Rigid license
  • MR or Medium Rigid license
  • HR or Heavy Rigid license
  • HC or Heavy Combination license
  • MC or Multi-Combination license

In this blog, let’s look at the first three types of truck driver’s licenses and what kind of trucks or vehicles you can drive if you have that license. This, in turn, will help you to determine which type of truck driving lesson plan you should take when you go to a truck driving school.

Light Rigid License or LR

As the name suggests, this is the entry-level truck license that you can have. With this license, you can drive vehicles that weigh between 4.5 tonnes to 8 tonnes. Not only trucks, with this license, you can even drive a 12-seater passenger (including driver) bus. Most farm equipment and trailer trucks that don’t weigh above 9 tonnes fall under this vehicle category. So, if you plan to work as a small bus or delivery driver, you can consider this license. 

Medium Rigid License or MR

If you want to drive any vehicle over 8 tonnes with a 2-axle, you need an MR license. Most commercial buses run by the State government fall under this category. Larger delivery trucks and power-line maintenance trucks also need you to have an MR license to drive. With this license, not only can you drive such vehicles but also those that need LR licenses or those that are Class C vehicles.

Heavy Rigid License or HR

You can drive 3-axle or more vehicles weighing over 8 tonnes with an HR license. Most heavy-duty trucks that are used for long-distance transportation fall under this category. Articulated buses also come under this category. So, if you plan to become a fuel tank, garbage truck, or construction industry driver, you will need an HR license. 

So, if you are interested in being a truck driver, consider what vehicle you want to drive and then take the license training from a reputed truck driving school in Prestons.

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